Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Very Loved Tools

I have been meaning to show you these for awhile. These are my very favorite and well used tools. The two brushes have seen better days but they do such a great job of making the glaze go where I want it to. The first brush on the left, I have had forever, at least 3 years maybe more. It makes the perfect little circles in the middle of my flower beads. It used to be a big brush but I paint with these babies so much it has been worn down to a stub, it's perfect how it is right now.

The middle brush is the brush I use to paint the spirals, circles, and lines on most of my beads. This brush is starting to get too worn. I have to get a new one of these every year. When I notice it's getting worn, I start "training a new brush" It takes a while to get the brush to have the correct point and feel. I have some others that are about the same size but they just don't flow like this one does. Soon it will be retired, but I haven't gotten my other detail brush how I want it yet.

Third in line is a hole poker, a.k.a. skinny dowel rod. This tool has been with me since the beginning. I rarely make a hole with anything else. It has been used so much that the wood is really smooth. I broke it this year, it was longer. I traveled with it, I knew when I was packing it I Should leave it at home but I took a chance and it broke. It still works, but I think I will make a handle for it because it's a little short.

When I look at these sometimes I laugh because they are so worn, I love my tools and now I have to get back to using them.
Have a great day,


  1. I know just how you feel about long used brushes. I do watercolors and I have brushes that I have used far beyond their usefulness, but can't seem to let go of them, even when I have new ones at hand! It is good to know I am not alone in this! (giggles)

    I love your beads and plan to order some to use in a new line I am designing.

  2. Jackie,
    Do you keep all of your tools when they have been used to the point of uselessness? I just read a book about Howard Finster, he was a folk artist and kept everything. He has a wall hanging made from all of his old tools. It was really cool and thought I should do something like that. I spend more time with my tools than anything else.


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