Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Applique Tea Towels

Hello! I have an applique tea towel project for you today. It's a cute strawberry applique that can actually be used on anything, but here I am putting it on a tea towel. It makes a great handmade gift, everyone needs towels. 

The printable pattern is for the Strawberry Tea Towel. These tea towels were all made the same way as the Strawberry towel, but they have different appliques on them. You might recognize them from Stitch Kitsch. These are some of the appliques in the book. I had a blast making all of these and now I am thinking up all of the versions I can make for gifts. 

After I made all of these, I wanted to see if I could wash them..... usually you should do that first, but it was a backwards kind of day in the studio, plus I new what everything was made of so I had a pretty good idea it was going to work. And it did!

This is without ironing, straight out of the dryer. It looks just as good as when it went in.
Are you anxious to get started on some tea towels of your own? Here's where you can find the printable pattern
and here is the book with the appliques.

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