Thursday, March 4, 2010

What's Going On

I thought today I would do a post about the happenings in the studio and outside. I have been working hard around here and haven't had time for much else. This always happens right after the Buyers Market so it's not surprising to be so loaded down with things to do. But first of all, it snowed. See the Heynen Hula Hut? That's part of our tropical hangout on the back porch...not very tropical, eh? I just have to keep reminding myself, one of the days we'll have leaves on the trees again and I will be complaining about how hot it is.

Enough about the weather...back to beads. I have been making beads and buttons during the day and then at night I sit with the TV on and assemble jewelry. Here a box all sorted out and ready to go for bracelets. I love to see all of my beads lined up like that. Below are my seed beads that also go into many of my pieces. I have had to reload my bowl three times now because I am using so many seed beads.

Last but not least are my buttons. I told you about my line of fabrics for In The Beginning. Well, for them to sell and distribute my buttons, they need samples. These are the buttons that will be glued onto the sample cards that the stores will get to order from. Only a few more to come out of the kiln and they will be shipped off. And only a few more weeks until I can show you the whole collection. I can't wait.

As you can see I have been a very busy bee, I like to be busy so all these projects make me happy.

Have a Great Day,


  1. Thanks Kathy! I am working on getting the up on the site. Should be up by tomorrow.

    Have a great day,

  2. I love it! Your organizer looks fabulous filled with all those wonderful colors! And I love those buttons!!! They look like cookies. I think the green flowers are my favorite:D

  3. you are busy and the buttons (everything really) looks great... this new venture must be very exciting...

  4. It may not yet be spring outside...but it sure is Spring inside your house! All those lovely colors!
    Can't wait to see the new line of stuff.
    Bead Happy!

  5. Wow! Do you ever sleep? I'm so inspired by you and all the beautiful things you create.

  6. Aw....that poor little Hula Hut! Soon all that snow will be outta there, and you'll be enjoying a drink with a little umbrella. :-)


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